Baking Sheet Pans

Shop for full size, half size, third size and quarter size sheet pans, in high-end 12 gauge aluminum through economical 19 gauge aluminum for commercial kitchen use. Sheet pans, also known as baking sheets or bun pans, can be used for numerous tasks in bakeries, restaurants, catering halls and cafeterias. Use them to bake rolls, buns, bagels and cookies; or to display or transport your finest cookies, breads, and pastries. Their flat surface will enable even baking and their smooth aluminum surface makes hand washing a breeze. We also carry stainless steel sheet pans, for the chef who prefers stainless.


Bake tasty treats to your heart’s content with durable and multi-purpose commercial sheet pans from TigerChef.

What are Sheet Pans?

Baking sheets, commercial sheet pans, or simply put, sheet pans, are one of the most multifunctional pieces of bakeware to be found in any commercial kitchen. They feature flat and wide surfaces, usually made from aluminum or stainless steel, with shallow sides. Sheet pans come in various sizes to fit a variety of ovens. The surfaces may or may not have coating to prevent sticking. You can use them for almost everything that you can cook inside an oven, from cookies and other pastries to more savory dishes like bacon and roasted meats. Apart from their use for baking different foods, sheet pans can also be used to transport or display baked goods. Due to their versatility, they are often used in bakeries, restaurants, and cafeterias.

The Different Sheet Pan Sizes

Sheet pans usually come in full, half, and quarter size variations. Each has their own purpose.

Full Sheet Pans - This type of sheet pan measures 26 x 18 inches and has sides that are an inch high. They are used mainly in commercial applications, such as restaurants and bakeries, and will not fit in residential ovens.

Half Sheet Pans - This type of sheet pan measures 18 x 13 inches with sides that are also an inch high. These standard-sized pans can fit most ovens and have the surface area for roasting vegetables, and baking cookies and pastries evenly.

Quarter Sheet Pans - This type of sheet pan measures 12 x 9 inches and is best for baking in small batches. It can also be used for baking in toaster ovens or organizing items in the fridge by groups.

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