Chicken Slicers

Shop TigerChef for chicken slicers from Nemco for cutting tasty chicken strips in commercial kitchens. The chicken slicer makes cutting strips of grilled or cooked chicken faster and easier for use in chicken salads, chicken wraps, and other chicken meals. This method of cutting chicken, and other tender meats, is quicker than the traditional knife method and also provides greater portion control that other methods.


Make chicken preparation a breeze with commercial chicken slicers from TigerChef. We have a selection of quality slicers to help boost your efficiency in food preparation.

Save enormous amounts of time and effort when you use specialized cutting equipment to prepare your grilled or cooked chicken. Our chicken slicers will quickly and precisely cut chicken into pieces that are perfect for salads, wraps, or other dishes.

Our chicken slicers are made by industry leader Nemco. These pieces of equipment are durable and reliable even in the most challenging food service settings. They can also be used to slice other tender and cooked meats.

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