Choosing Restaurant Chairs: Ideas for 4 Types of Restaurants

Restaurant ChairsDesign and aesthetics play a significant role in defining the role of a place. For instance, if you find fancy dining settings in a fast-food joint, you are bound to get confused. There are several expectations attached to the type of restaurant you run. If you have a formal dining place, people will dress up and won’t expect to see booths awaiting them under chandeliers. Thus, choosing the right restaurant equipment, especially restaurant chairs, is important when designing a restaurant.

Work with designers and learn the newest trends in the design aesthetic of restaurants. To make things easier, this article will discuss restaurant chairs for 4 types of restaurants. Let’s get started!

1. Fast Casual

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become health-conscious and are always looking for restaurants that adhere to such standards. Fast-casual restaurants quickly rose in popularity due to this reason. These restaurants combine the quick service of the fast-food joint and a healthier and less processed menu.

Fast casual restaurants are affordable for people looking for a quick and healthy bite. The menu mainly consists of build-your-own items such as burgers, wraps, and sandwiches. There is no serving staff, and the restaurant is high-volume operational.

When choosing restaurant chairs for a fast-casual place, keep it simple and minimal. The complete look should be uniform and unified, and the chairs should be modern and durable. Some popular options include barstools, communal tables, or Brady chairs.

2. Casual Dining

If you are thinking of dining out with your family on a budget, casual dining restaurants are the way to go. The concept arose in the 1960s when dual-income families wanted to have a fun time out and avoid the hassle of cooking at home. Customers get the complete dining experience in such restaurants, where guests are seated and waited by a server. The menu consists of comfort foods that are moderately priced.

For such an environment, the restaurant chairs should be comfortable and roomy so that guests have the incentive to stay and enjoy desserts and beverages. Choose upholstered chairs with fabrics that match the brand’s colors. Moreover, ensure the seating arrangements are perfect and compensate for wheelchairs, high chairs, and booster chairs to accommodate families.

Popular restaurant chair options include a tilly barstool, a Brooke chair, and an Andy table.

3. Cafe

Cafes or coffee houses are beloved by many consumers. They are ideal places for people to hang out with their friends, take a break from work, or get their first cup of coffee before heading out to work. Cafes get a fair bit of traffic, and consumers expect the servers to be quick. Consumers can dash out the door as soon as they get their order or sit alone to enjoy a few minutes of peace.

For cafes and coffeehouses, the ideal restaurant chairs are comforting and inviting. Moreover, you must add variety and create different seating arrangements to cater to every consumer, such as barstools, lounge chairs, couches, or bistro tables.

4. Food Court

When designing a food court or cafeteria, you want to create a unified look as people gather for a quick bite, a casual hangout, or a break from their workdays. You can play around with the colors and the seating arrangements, but the restaurant chairs should be simple and durable as they experience heavy traffic and shuffling.

The type of restaurant chairs you choose plays a significant role in creating the perfect atmosphere for your restaurant. Thus, research and choose accordingly. To browse and order restaurant chairs online, visit TigerChef - your one-stop shop for all restaurant equipment.