The Complete Caterer Supplies Checklist for 2022

Caterer SuppliesIf you are starting a catering business, you need the proper caterer supplies to plan for events. Whether you are catering an event at an off-site location or indoors, having suitable caterer suppliers will ensure everything goes smoothly, from prep to cooking.

To ensure your event and catering prep is top-notch, we have created a list of essential caterer supplies.

Cooking And Holding Equipment

If you are cooking live at your outdoor catering event, it's best to prepare and have the essential cooking and holding equipment available. You can set up a grill station or use induction cookers for crepes, omelets, or other stir-fry items that are best served hot and fresh. You can also use outdoor burners or portable grills. All these caterer supplies are compact, easy to transport, and ideal for outdoor events.

Table Setting

As a catering business owner, your job doesn’t end when you prepare the perfect meal; you must also set the table and make it presentable and comfortable for the guests to dine and enjoy their meal. The event type dictates the items you need for your table setting. For instance, for a picnic or simple gathering, you only need dinner plates, flatware, and glasses. On the other hand, a fancy event or wedding needs napkins, stemware, and more.


Despite what you may think, disposables are perfectly normal for casual dinners and parties. Disposables ensure easy clean-up and save your clients from dishwashing fees as well. They also reduce the risk of damage. However, disposables don’t mean that you compromise on looks and quality. You can easily find high-quality and theme-relevant reusable caterer supplies.

Disposables include paper napkins, foil pans, cocktail picks, plastic cutlery and drinkware, aluminum foil, etc.


The decor might not be at the forefront of your mind among the many essential caterer supplies, but it is a game changer. Using simple decor items, like vases, centerpieces, and chalkboard signs, you can increase your overall bill amount and simplify event management for your clients. Plus, your clients don’t have to look elsewhere for another rental company for decor.

Decor also highlights your dishes and makes them look delicious and presentable. You can rent decor items, including candles and candleholders, cupcake towers, cake stands, risers, and table numbers.

Food Display Utensils

You don’t want all your hard work to go in vain by serving your dishes in inappropriate pots and pans. You need proper food display utensils to bring your buffet or indoor event together. For instance, food pans are available in various sizes and can be used for heating, chilling, and refilling. Similarly, you can use risers or display stands to creatively display all food items together and maximize space so guests can easily browse and pick.

Another fantastic tip to make your buffet look amazing is to add creative food labels. You can also group dishes according to ingredients so people with allergies can easily choose according to their preferences.

Other essential caterer supplies include serving equipment, beverage supplies, and cleaning supplies. Finding all these essentials in one place is nearly impossible, but not if you visit TigerChef. We have all the essential catering equipment and supplies available in one place.