Create a Great Pizza Menu with Classics and Some Surprises

Having a pizza place that stands out from the rest is just as important as having one that relies on the classics/  Yet, with all of the different pizza shops out there, how can you make sure that you are somehow different from all of the others?  How can you cater to customers who love the traditional and offer them classic pizzas with all of the toppings they love while attracting the far out, daring foodie as well. 

For this reason, you need to take great care when you are creating your pizza shop menu. Here are some of the things that you may want to consider and types of pizzas that you might want to include on the pizza menu.

Classic Toppings

Pizza is popular for many reasons. It is an affordable Create a Great Pizza Menu with Classics and Some Surprises food, it tastes great, and thanks to all of the different toppings, there are so many different variations.  Yet, despite all the options, you will find that people tend to gravitate toward the classics. They want to have pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and all of the toppings that they remember from their youth. It is so important to have these comfortable, familiar flavors available to your customers. 

However, in addition to these classics, it's important to take some risks with new pizza offerings to keep your clients interested and excited to visit your pizza shop.

Take Some Risks

When taking some risks, you will want to creating specialty pizzas that are a bit different from what you might find elsewhere. You can stick to some relatively safe choices, such as barbecue chicken pizza, chicken Alfredo pizza or buffalo chicken pizza. However, you can also get more exotic and start looking to add some truly unique creations to your pizza menu.

Consider some unusual meats that you might want to try on your pizza, such as buffalo meat or even ostrich. Bacon works well with on certain types of pizza. Consider some vegetables that you might not normally combine with pizza, such as sundried tomatoes or artichoke hearts. Some pizza shops are even making deep dish style pizzas using mashed potatoes as one of the ingredients.

One of the best things about pizza is that you have so many different options, it is almost impossible to run out of creations, Start thinking outside of the box.

Try Before Adding to Your Menu 

While it can be fun to create all sorts of new and different types of pizzas, you have to be careful about adding them to your menu. You don’t want to add too many varieties at once until you have tested them out. Don't overspend on ingredients that you many not end up using.

Rather, introduce one or two pizzas at a time, post photos of them on Instagram, and then see how well they do. If they don’t sell keep on trying!

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