5 Ideas for Creating a Child Friendly Pizza Shop

All kids love pizza and are often the driving force for a visit to the pizza shop: (opps forgot to make dinner tonight). With this in mind, it makes sense for pizza shops in suburban locations, malls, and other family-friendly areas,  to cater to children - and their families. To do so, you have to make sure it will be a place that both kids and adults will have a good time and enjoy great food. 

Here are 5 ideas for making your pizza shop more kid friendly.

1. Remember That the Kids Are Your Target Audience

Your pizza shop can become more kid friendly by taking notice of the kids as a fundamental element of your target audience. This means that you will go out of your way for them by making sure they are seated quickly, that the seating is appropriate, with ample booster seats and high chairs, and that the seating is as far away as possible from roudy teens or adults, bar areas and smoking areas.

2. Decor 

Since the traditional look of a pizza shop does not usually scream child friendly, it is important to choose some Creating a Child Friendly Pizza Shop options for décor, including themes and colors, that kids are going to love. Having colorful walls with posters of popular cartoon or movie characters can go a long way in making your shop more inviting to young customers, as can having blackboards or whiteboards lining the walls -- with chalk and markers available -- so kids can decorate your pizza shop walls as they wait for their food!

Note: Make sure you have your phone ready to take pictures of kids, eating your delicious pizza, coloring your walls and post them on your Instagram account for immediate advertising results.

3. Fun Things for the Kids to Do

Aside from decorating the walls, other fun activities for kids to do include having handheld restaurant tablets loaded with games for kids to play with their families or alone at the table. Having  traditional coloring books and games can also be fun for kids; as is having entertainment evenings with triva nights. magic lessons and sing-a-longs.

4. Make Your Own Pizza Workshops

Whether done as a regular weekly workshop, or exclusively for birthday parties, something everyone enjoys is making their own pizza. You can prepare enough dough for your guests so everyone can roll out their own ball of dough, select their own toppings and assemble their own pies. Once completed, your employees can take the pizzas to the oven to bake. This enables you to have both an activity and the pizza that the kids are clamoring for.

5. Free Giveaways and Take-Home Packages

Everyone likes free giveaways and making them inexpensive for you yet fun for your target audience, is a perfect combination. Giving away ballons with your logo on it to kids either outside or as they enter your pizza shop is always a welcome giveaway. In addition to that, you can prepare coloring pages, removable tattoos, spinners, magnets and other items, for kids to take home with them. These are both excellent advertising ideas and added incentives for kids with families to dine in your pizza shop. 

These 5 ideas are not only bound to benefit your current clientele, but they will surely serve as a catalyst for letting other people know that your pizza shop not only serves great pizza, but is child friendly as well. Every parent knows that when their kids are happy, they are happy, and that is the key to success!

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