Advantus Fasteners and Clips

Our extensive collection of Fasteners and Clips features products from top brands including ACCO, Universal, Velcro, and more. From traditional paper clips and binder clips for secure document organization and easy attachment, to Velcro fasteners, perfect for quick and reusable bundling and closure applications, we have a diverse range of options to suit various needs. For heavy-duty tasks, we carry robust bulldog clips and binder clips, both designed to hold thick stacks of paper and materials securely. Velcro's removable adhesive fasteners are versatile and ideal for bundling cables, mounting objects, and securing fabric together. We also carry specialty fasteners like magnetic clips and multi-purpose clips that offer unique solutions for attaching papers, photos, and notes to metallic surfaces or bulletin boards. Whether you need to organize paperwork, bundle items, or create temporary closures, our large selection of fasteners and clips ensures efficient and reliable solutions tailored to meet the needs of any office setting.

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