How to Hire the Right Chef

You can put all your heart and soul into the planning, designing and advertising of your restaurant however, if you do not have a good chef, then all your work goes to waste. With a bad or okay chef, you will lose customers quickly, since your business is only as good as the food you serve. This makes it vital for you to select the cream of the crop for the job. There are many things for you to keep in mind as you set out in search of the ideal chef. How to Hire the Right Chef

Before you begin the search you want to identify what you are looking for. Obviously you want someone who cooks well each and every time. However, there is more to a chef than consistency. Their job will require them to do a number of duties including directing the kitchen staff, working with vendors and managing costs. You want someone that understands both the cooking side of the business as well as the business side of running a restaurant. They should communicate well and be able to follow orders precisely and quickly. All of this should be wrapped in a person that has a true passion for the food they prepare.

Once you know what you want, it is time to set up a job description. You cannot expect an ideal chef to want the position if they do not know exactly what the job entails. Take your time as you write the description, since once you show it to candidates, it cannot be changed. You want to be certain that you fully incorporate everything you expect from them. All of the duties should be fully outlined so that there is no question about the job you expect them to perform.

Always take the time to check the references of any candidates that you interview. This is a serious position that can make or break the success of your business. You want to know that you are hiring someone qualified. They should have experience with the job you have available and the volume your business gets. When you check references, find out about any problems that may have came up, whether they got along well with the rest of the staff, and if his former boss would rehire your candidate. This will give you a full idea of the capabilities of the candidate and what might hold them back.

Looking for a chef can be quite frustrating if you are new to the industry. If this is your first experience with this type of search, it might be beneficial for you to turn the responsibilities over to someone else. You can hire someone whose job is to help people find the best candidates for different business. It is even possible to insist on an interview before any decision is made.

If you decide to search yourself, do not overlook unknown resources. Your suppliers and vendors can supply you with a wealth of information. They may have inside knowledge of which chefs are unhappy with their current jobs and looking for new employment. This could help you find potential candidates that you might not have known about otherwise.

Make sure you take the time to find the best chef and do not settle for someone simply because you feel pressured. You have your expectations and you should insist that the chef you hire meets them. Doing this will be in the best interest of your business and ensure that the food makes your customers want to come back for more.

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