Ice Cream Shop Equipment You Will Need

An ice cream shop can be one of the most entertaining restaurants to own and operate. Consumers love ice cream, and they are generally pleased with the delectable treats they receive, so you'll likely be dealing with happy customers who will be loyal to your business. Running an ice cream shop may seem like  a pleasure cruise, but the success of your ice cream shop is entirely dependent on the quality of the appliances and equipment that you use. There are several pieces of equipment that you will need in order to run an efficient ice cream shop. Here are some standard equipment pieces and their functions.

Ice Cream Machines

Obviously, you'll need a high quality machine thatIce Cream Shop Equipment You Will Need will turn liquid ingredients into the creamy, frozen treat known as ice cream. Some ice cream shops, of course, purchase their ice cream in crates or cartons from a restaurant supply company. If you make your ice cream on site, though, you'll need a high quality machine. Soft serve ice cream machines have a cooling component and a blending component that spin within the machine. The cooling component reduces the temperature of the inner chamber, and the blending component ensures that the ice cream freezes with a smooth consistency that is free of lumps.

Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

If you order ice cream in cartons for your ice cream shop, you will need a high quality cabinet that will prevent ice cream from melting as you scoop it out from customer to customer. These ice cream dipping cabinets may have sliding doors that are opened and closed when ice cream needs to be scooped, or they may have an open air cooler that uses high powered fans to circulate cold air while you are scooping ice cream. You may also need to invest in an ice cream freezer or cooler for ice cream storage.


Many ice cream shops offer blended ice cream treats such as milkshakes, malts, and concretes. A concrete is a thick ice cream treat that is usually mixed with toppings such as nuts, fruit, candy, or flavored syrups. Ice cream shops use blenders that have a thin rod with an attached blade. Ice cream is placed into a serving cup and covered with a splatter guard. Then the rod is inserted into the cup of ice cream, and the blender attachment is used to mix the treat within the serving cup. This reduces prep time dramatically.

Sinks and Dishwashers

In an ice cream shop, scoops, blending attachments, blending shields, and other dishes are used quite frequently. During operational hours, these items will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. For that, your staff will need access to hot water sinks and industrial-grade dishwashers. These accessories will help to prevent cross-contamination and maintain health standards at your ice cream shop.

The higher the quality of the equipment in your ice cream shop, the higher your customer satisfaction rate will be. Investing in the proper equipment will make your ice cream shop an efficient and profitable enterprise..

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