Restaurant Lettuce Choppers

Stainless steel lettuce choppers will cut your food prep time in half by cutting and shredding lettuce, without bruising it. This labor saving device will prevent browning of your lettuce before serving, and is essential for making lettuce salad and other sides in your commercial kitchen.


Give your food preparation a boost with lettuce cutters from TigerChef. We offer a variety of quality commercial lettuce slicers, perfect for food service establishments like yours.

Lettuce is one of the most used vegetables in the kitchen. They are nutritious and delicious. That said, cutting or shredding lettuce without bruising it takes specialized equipment. This is where our lettuce cutters come in.

Our restaurant lettuce choppers will cut the lettuce cleanly and efficiently, saving you both time and resources in the process. They are made by industry-leading brands like Winco, Nemco, and Crestware. Additionally, they come in different designs to best suit your needs.

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