Setting the Restaurant Ambience for Mother's Day

Floral accents and calm music can create an elegant restaurant ambience for Mother’s Day.Mother’s Day at-home brunches often carry associations with crafty hearts and flowers made and arranged by the kids, a baby pink theme, and sweets. Venues should offer an atmosphere that mimics these, and other common associations, in order to provide a comfortable environment which complements the holiday. The specific decisions on how to create such an environment will depend on the type of venue, the amount of time it plans to invest in preparing for the holiday, and sometimes the type of meal offered. Though at home, the table décor makes up the bulk of the ambience building components, a restaurant must consider music and menu decoration as well. Since mother’s day is mostly about the mother, but also about the children, even upscale venues may consider making accommodations for children in order to preserve the day as a family affair. Other venues may choose to offer a menu and environment geared towards attracting adults, creating a relaxing Mother’s Day dining option for older couples with all the kids moved out, families with kids mature enough to behave appropriately and appreciate the food, or younger couples with a baby at home. The ultimate decision on how to approach the décor will have a significant influence on the environment offered by the venue for the holiday.

Music, Flowers, and More


Whereas Father’s Day brings thoughts of BBQs and beer, Mother’s Day is often thought of as a classier occasion. A restaurant’s ambience for the holiday should be planned accordingly, with floral accents and soft playlists being the obvious go-to mood-setting options. If the weather permits, offering romantically-lit patio dining can add rusticity and romanticism to the customer experience.

The menu and food presentation should be considered as well. Having a special menu for the event will draw in customers looking for a unique meal on Mother’s Day. Venues serving a buffet should design the spread aesthetically and elegantly. An easy way to add movement and increase the attractiveness of the buffet is to place boxes of different shapes and heights under the tablecloth as bases for placing different dishes. Whether or not a venue chooses to serve a buffet-style meal, presenting the food beautifully will make the meal meal have a lasting impression on customers and make the experience feel more gourmet. If short on ideas for Mother’s Day restaurant decorations, menu presentation, or food plating, Pinterest and other websites can be a great source of inspiration.

Making Accomodations for Kids


Since a woman becomes a mother because of her kids, for many families it may be important to spend mother’s day with the children. Therefore, some venues may want to consider making slight alterations in order to make themselves more attractive to such families. Many family restaurants won’t have to make many changes in order to adapt to be kids-friendly, but for restaurants not usually encouraging of such young diners, seating and menu options will have to be added to best suit the venue to kids. As a first step, venues may consider purchasing boosters and/or high chairs as seating for young children. They also may add a few items to the kids’ menu, such as mac and cheese, pizza, and chicken nuggets. Making these accommodations is likely to draw in young customers, but will also have a strong influence on the ambience of the venue and the meals, which may not be right for every venue.

Having a festive meal at a fast food joint is not quite the same as dining in an elegant restaurant. For Mother’s Day, elegant restaurants and restaurants decorated for the holiday are likely to draw in customers. The ambience, accommodations for kids, menu, and deals are not enough to attract customers and provide an excellent holiday experience on their own. By putting their efforts into a combination of these components, restaurants can best meet customers’ expectations for Mother’s Day meals.