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Reusable Takeout Containers

Get restaurant to-go containers wholesale when you order from TigerChef online. We carry a wide variety of eco-friendly reusable takeout containers that are perfect for your foodservice business.

Our reusable To-Go-Containers are made of highly durable polypropylene, 100% BPA free, break-resistant, and commercial dishwasher-safe. They are friendly to the environment as well. These takeout containers are a sustainable and economically savvy alternative to disposable foam takeout containers.


They can be used in numerous foodservice venues such as hotels, college and office cafeterias, senior centers, and other places where using reusable items is a smart choice. Our To-Go-Containers are safe to reheat in the microwave, easy to stack, and leak-proof.

These NSF certified, to-go-containers are the ideal choice for contemporary living and sustainability-conscious business operations. The option to buy them in bulk and online make the process of ordering convenient and cost-effective as well.

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