TigerChef Reinforced Extra Long Skimmer 8"

TigerChef Reinforced Extra Long Skimmer 8"


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Primarily used to skim meatballs, dumplings, and pasta from deep stockpots or fryers, the TigerChef Reinforced Extra Long Skimmer 8" is also great for straining and dusting baked goods with powdered sugar. Featuring a concave net, this wire skimmer securely holds food and quickly drains away oil or other liquids. Thanks to its sturdy frame and long handle, this skimmer offers exceptional balance and keeps your hands safely away from the heat source. To ensure long lasting performance, this extra long skimmer is crafted from high quality stainless steel which won't warp with time.

  • Reinforced Extra Long Skimmer
  • High quality stainless steel wiring
  • Sturdy outer frame and handle
  • Designed with a concave net
  • Used for removing fried or boiled foods from hot liquid
  • Dimensions: 8" Diameter
  • 26-1/4" Overall length
  • Brand:
  • TigerChef
  • Model #:
  • 128760
  • Ship weight:
  • 9 oz
  • Sold As:
  • 1 ea
  • Item Number:
  • 0026-128760
  • Pan construction:
  • 0.09
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