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Tips for Keeping Your Food and Beverages from Spoiling

Tips for Keeping Your Food and Beverages from Spoiling

In the food service business, the two biggest assets are the items you serve, and the money you bring in. If you end up wasting that money and not having those items to serve, it will affect your business. This is why it is important that you take every step you can to prevent your foods and beverages from spoiling before they are used. Not only does it save you money on food that is wasted, it also prevents you from having to turn down a customer's order since you do not have the ingredients. While it may be inevitable that some things will spoil, there are steps you can take to help prevent it.

Control Temperatures

Many of the food and beverage items you have must be kept at specific temperatures. This makes it vital that you ensure those temperatures are kept consistent. Your cooler, freezer and even dry storage should always remain at the temperature needed for the foods and beverages they hold. Even beer and wine can taste bad if the temperature fluctuates in the area where they are stored. Maintaining constant temperatures is one of the best ways to guarantee that your food lasts.

Double Check Your Orders

You may assume that because you just received your order, it will be fresh. This is not always the case. Sometimes you will receive items that have either gone bad or will go bad very soon. You should not accept these items from your vendor. Instead, make sure to return them for new, fresh items. Since this mistake can happen on occasion, always double check your orders as they arrive. This way you can be certain that the problem is rectified immediately. If you notice a problem regularly, consider finding a new vendor.

Don’t Be Fooled By Sales

It is easy to be tempted when you see a product that you use for a good price. However, in some cases you could actually be wasting money if you purchase in bulk during a sale. You want to remember that fresh foods, such as produce and fruits, will go bad in a shorter amount of time. Therefore, never buy more of what you will use in a weeks time. Otherwise, you are going to have spoiled food, not to mention a loss of money.

Label Properly

Organization and labeling will help you avoid food spoilage. You should make sure that all foods in the freezer, cooler and dry storage are labeled appropriately. These labels should include the the content and storage date. This allows you to use those items before they have a chance to spoil. Always use the foods with the older dates first. Storing the items in a way that you can move older purchases to the front is very helpful.

Food spoilage can cost you money, business and time. It is best if you utilize any way that you can to help ensure your food spoilage is kept to a minimum. This allows you to always have the foods customers want and also keeps you from wasting money on replacing foods that have spoiled.

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