Bar Supplies

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TigerChef is fully stocked with all the bar supplies and accessories you need to run a successful business. We know what it takes to succeed and besides good liquor you will need a generous amount of cocktail shakers, bar jiggers, bar spoons, bar glasses, bottle pourers and much more. We also carry bar furniture, bar coolers for storage, and a vast supply of other essentials you won't want your bar to be without.

Bar Equipment

Your bar needs the latest in bar refrigeration and other equipment to stock, store and provide customers with cold, refreshing drinks. We carry a comprehensive line of bar equipment including beer coolers, back bar coolers, beer dispensers, glass frosters, bottle coolers, keg racks, beer refrigerators and bar sinks to help you maintain a well-stocked bar. Choose from brand names including Victory, Turbo Air, Winco, Beverage Air and more with great financing options available.

Bar Furniture

Shop for bar furniture for bars, clubs and hotel pubs. We carry bar signs, coat check supplies and bar stools that will assist you in drawing customers to your bar, checking their coats and seating them comfortably so they stay for longer and order lots of drinks in the warm comfort of your bar.

Bar Glassware

Bar glassware is a vital part of any bar, pub, club or restaurant and at TigerChef we carry a wide range of bar glasses to fit any type of drink your bartender serves. From beer mugs, cocktail glasses and pub glasses, to tumblers and shot glasses, we have the bar glasses you are looking for. At TigerChef we carry bar glassware from brand names such as Libbey, Cardinal and Winco, sold by the case, at the lowest prices around. Shop TigerChef for the largest selection of bar glasses and all your restaurant equipment.

Bar Service Supplies

Shop for all the essential bar service supplies your bartender needs to keep the bar area organized so you can better serve your clientele. In our bar service supplies shop you'll find bar mats, bar liners, bar caddies, hanging glass racks, gaming dice, speed rails, pitchers and more to help you keep your bar in good shape.

Ice Supplies

Bartenders need a constant supply of ice to satisfy their customers drink requests. At TigerChef, we carry all the ice supplies you need to stock up you bar, restaurant or hotel. Shop for Manitowic and Ice-O-Matic ice makers and ice bins, San Jamar ice scoops and ice totes and many more ice products for your food establishment.

Wine Accessories

TigerChef carries wine accessories for restaurants, bars and hotels that are an essential part of your wine inventory. We carry wine buckets and wine bucket stands, wine chillers, wine savers, wine bottle openers and more, to make the wine drinking experience in your restaurant a robust experience.