Cafeteria Supplies

Get all the supplies you need to run your cafeteria successfully from one online store. TigerChef carries wholesale cafeteria supplies to make your purchases cost-efficient.

Whether it’s in a school or corporate setting, people flock to cafeterias during their breaks to enjoy meals that are more affordable than restaurants but more convenient than bringing their own food. But anyone who runs a cafeteria knows, it’s not an easy feat to manage and operate one, especially without the right supplies.


This is where we come in. We carry a robust selection of supplies that are perfect for cafeterias of all sizes. We have basic cutlery, food trays, buffet stations, melamine tableware, dispensers, guards, and more. Our products are made from high-quality materials and will withstand heavy, daily use.

The option to order online makes everything quick and convenient. You can also save money by ordering cafeteria supplies in bulk. You’ll be able to run your cafeteria efficiently with us as your one-stop shop.

Go over each category below to learn more about our cafeteria supplies.