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FDick 8144607 2 1/2" Paring Knife

Average Rating ( 1 Review )

FDick 8144607 2 1/2" Paring Knife

Average Rating ( 1 Review )
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2.5" Blade Plastic Handle Stainless Steel Forged
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2.5" Blade Plastic Handle Stainless Steel Forged
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Item Details

Made of forged stainless steel and crafted with a plastic handle, this paring knife is commercial quality. Suitable for peeling and carving vegetables for garnishments or other culinary tasks, use it in restaurants or catering businesses.

Its blade measures 2.5", is razor sharp and has a curved and pointy end. With its plastic handle, you'll get a secure but comfortable grip for superior control and added safety.

  • Premier Paring Knife
  • 2.5" Blade
  • Plastic Handle
  • Stainless Steel
  • Forged
  • Brand:
  • F Dick
  • Model #:
  • 8144607
  • Ship weight:
  • 13 oz
  • Sold As:
  • 1 ea
  • Item Number:
  • 0015-8144607
  • Handle color:
  • Black
  • Blade length:
  • 2-1/2"
  • Blade material:
  • Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material:
  • Plastic
  • Knife Type:
  • Paring
  • Blade Edge:
  • Curved
  • TigerChef ID:
  • 39860

Customer Reviews

Average Rating ( 1 Review )





Reviews (1)

Cosmin Verified Buyer
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Excellent versatile tool. Not just for small fruit!

This is a great paring knife, suitable for a wide range of tasks. Curved blade paring knives, also known as bird's beak knives, are especially effective at working with small round fruit (ex. kiwi). Last year, I had 70 lb of strawberries to prepare - this knife would have made the task so much easier. I wish I knew about it sooner...

However, I found this knife to be indispensable for a different kind of task - this small blade is perfect for removing blemishes, knots, and bad spots off of potatoes, squash, and other vegetables. I prepared some winter squash last night, and part of it had started to go bad. This knife was perfect for salvaging all the good parts with minimal waste.

Finally, unlike traditional paring knives, you can also use this knife on the cutting board without dulling the blade.

Full tang, full bolster, with classic triple rivet handle
Material: X50CrMoV15, Tempered Carbon Steel
Weight: 56g
Handle length: 3 5/8 inch
Blade length: 2 1/2 inch
Blade width (top-to-edge, at handle): 3/4 inch

Functionality: 5/5
+thin rigid blade, doesn't flex

+the narrow blade is perfect for detail work

+bolster improves safety. You can hold it such that in the event of a slip, the bolster hits your thumb instead of the blade.

+perfect for peeling. Works better than a traditional paring knife on small round fruit.

+comfortable handle

+the curved shape protects the edge. It will stay sharp for a very long time.

-bird's beak knives might require extra tools to sharpen (though it's easy once you have them). For example, either a ceramic rod, or a diamond steel are a good choice. This knife stays sharp a long time so it is unlikely to be an issue for a while.

Fit and Finish: 5/5
+angle on the edge profile looks perfect. Looks like just under 15 degrees on each side.

+edge is sharp right out of box.

+no cracks, or chips in handle

+handle integration is very good. The transition from plastic to metal is smooth.

+no sharp edges. I didn't have to do any polishing to get this knife ready to use.

+smooth rivet connections on the handle

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