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Pizza Dough Boxes and Pizza Dough Pans

Allow dough to rise and rest under the ideal conditions with pizza dough boxes and pizza dough pans. Perfect for bakeries, pizzerias and other foodservice operations that make fresh bread, or use fresh dough for breads, rolls and baguettes, a pizza dough box or pizza dough pan allows for easy storage and preservation of dough while enabling the dough proofing process to occur. Dough boxes and dough pans not only enable storage of several balls of dough at once, the stackable design enables you to stack one pan on top of the other without the need for a cover and without taking up too much space. Dough pans and dough boxes also protect dough, refrigerates dough quickly, and is easy to clean and maintain. Shop for a dough box or dough pan in different ounce capacities to fit the commercial needs of any bakery or pizza shop.

Best Seller
Best Seller
Winco ALDP-48 Stackable Dough Proofing Pan 48 oz. Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 1629
Best Seller
Winco PL-36NC Cover for PL-3N & PL-6N Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 41782
Winco ALDP-48C Round Dough Pan Cover for ALDP-48 Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 1406
Winco ALDP-96 Stackable Dough Proofing Pan 96 oz. Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 1628
Winco ALDP-96C Round Dough Pan Cover for ALDP-96 Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 1413
Winco PL-6N Pizza Dough Box 25-5/8" x 18" x 6" Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 280775
Cambro DB18266CW148 White Pizza Dough Proofing Box 18" x 26" x 6" Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 248748 Only 1 Remaining!
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