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Pizza Pans and Racks

Get all the pizza pans and racks you need from TigerChef. We have everything from multilevel pizza racks to disposable mini pizza pans.

Pizzas are among a short list of food items that are universally loved. In the U.S., the pizza industry is booming for both chain restaurants and independent shops, with $27.61 billion and $18.64 billion in sales respectively in the last year, according to Statista.


Having said that, competition is still fierce in the industry. In 2020, there were around 78,000 pizza shops in the country. With that much competition, every advantage to stay on top counts. This is where we come in.

We provide high-quality pans and racks designed to keep pizza shops running efficiently. We carry deep dish pans, screen racks, pizza discs, and a lot more. Our products are all well-made and durable. You can even save money on bulk orders.

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