Restaurant Chafer Dish: Everything You Need to Know

Restaurant Chafer DishThe chafing dish, often referred to as the chafer, is a piece of equipment necessary for any restaurant business that wants to preserve food at a certain temperature. The term chauffeur, which comes from the French language and means "to heat," is where this restaurant equipment got its name, and it's simple to understand why. But how do you go about selecting the one that is most suitable for your restaurant? Read on to learn everything you need to know about restaurant chafer dishes.

What is a Restaurant Chafer Dish?

A chafing dish is a multi-component device that maintains the temperature of hot food for longer than possible with a conventional meal pan. The water pan, the lid, and the frame are the three primary components that make up this piece of restaurant equipment. The fuel warms the water in the pan, generating steam to cook the food without causing it to dry – that's how chafers work.

Chafer Dish and Cover Types

For the most part, oval or rectangular chafers serve the main courses, while round chafers are often used for serving the side dishes. When it comes to covers, it is essential to determine the number of customers you will be catering to.

For example, roll-top chafer covers are a convenient option if you want to host a buffet where guests will be responsible for serving themselves. At the same time, lift-off chafer covers are the superior choice if you plan to serve customers all by yourself.

Things to Consider When Buying a Restaurant Chafer Dish

After spending all these years in the restaurant business, you may have encountered various chafers in terms of shapes, styles, finishing, and quality. However, the question is, what should you keep in mind when buying one for your food establishment?

Note that the capacity of a chafer to keep food at the desired temperature for an extended period is the most significant factor to consider; nevertheless, you should also evaluate the chafer's structure, heat source, and coverings.

Restaurant Chafer Dish @ TigerChef

Now that you know why a restaurant chafer dish is an answer to perfectly presented food, it's time to stock up on some for your establishment. With over three decades of experience serving food service businesses worldwide, TigerChef has all types of restaurant chafer dishes you need to suit your restaurant menu. For more information, visit us or give us a call @ (877) 92TIGER.